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Silverbeet Pesto Recipe

Silverbeet Pesto Recipe

Part one of our rainy day of cooking was this pesto recipe. This silverbeet pesto recipe is a variation of the delectable fennel pesto recipe that I cooked a couple of months back. The options are endless in the pesto recipe realm – it’s a delicious way to preserve and enjoy loads of lovely herbs […]

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Home Made Tomato Sauce

Home Made Tomato Sauce

It seems almost obligatory in Italy to make home made tomato sauce (the kind for pasta, not the kind you dollop on chips and pies) because during summer there are an utter abundance of cheap, ripe tomatoes around so anyone who’s anyone with a kitchen gets to buying a couple of boxes full and bottling […]

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Gomasio: A scrumptious Salt alternative

Gomasio: A scrumptious Salt alternative

I mentioned gomasio in an earlier recipe, which is originally a Japanese product.  This lovely seasoning is a delicious replacement for salt, and is part of a macrobiotic Diet as a healthy salt alternative.  I’ve just been introduced to this seasoning and am currently enjoying it on salads (combined with olive oil to make a […]

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Sicily: The Discovery of Fennel

Sicily: The Discovery of Fennel

I’m not sure how I’ve eaten 3 (sometimes more) meals each day for over 26 years and not discovered the fresh aniseed-ey goodness of fennel. At any rate, I have discovered it and I have definitely folded it into my ingredients list. To begin my first blog post on a note of such awe is […]

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