Moove over grill’d, there’s new burger royalty in town: Moo Burgers Newtown

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Moo Gourmet Burgers
Newtown branch (also in Bondi, Coogee and Manly)
232 King Street, 2042

One part milk bar and two parts burger joint Moo Burgers prides itself on being a little bit old school, and has the milkshakes, spiders and onion rings to back up their claim. Burgers costs between $10.50 (Classic Beef Burger with salad and mayo) to  $29.00 (decadant Deluxe Moo, a double decker burger with the works and then some) with three vegetarian options for $13.50 (lentil, red kidney or falafel burgers) and 14 other stunners for about $15.00 (think kangaroo, duck & bacon, piri piri chicken and wagyu beef).

A real selling point for me is the use of free range eggs, locally sources meats and the option of sourdough, gluten free or multigrain buns. Before quickly averting my eyes i did spy some salad options for the health conscious patrons, for the rest of you you can carb load with some chunky chips (plain or cheesy bacon) or onion rings.

I opt for the Duck & Bacon Burger with a side of Chunky Fries and some Home-made Mayonnaise ($22 all together). It’s a lot of food, but I’m a seasoned eater so I am victorious in the end. Plate clean enough to pass for washed. The burger pattie is juicy, the bacon crispy without being dry and the accompanying salad is fresh. The orange jam offers a lovely acidic tang which is complemented by the mayonnaise. All in all a very impressive burger.

The atmosphere here is relaxed and welcoming, and they shown a bit of that Newtown flair though original artworks and a retro ranch looking couch or two. Sit at the front and watch the street traffic go by or saunter out to the courtyard to get away from it all, perhaps stopping to order a mango bellini on the way.

All in all Moo Newtown offers a solid burger, great service and best of all decent vegetarian options so i can bring the Mrs here.

A BIG thank-you
Am very grateful for Tara from VegeTARAian for begining the conversation to find some burger nom noms, and to Mel at The Adventures of Miss Piggy and Pete from Food Scene Investigation for being the top notch socail media organisers that they are. A credit to you all that 19 bloggers came out to play. Last and absolutely not least a thankyou to Adam, King of the Moo’s, and Adam’s great team of servers and chefs. we all felt very spoilt and your service was impeccable.

…a little burger-related rant from yours truly…
I’ve been intermitedly following Grill’d burgers harsh sense of advertising humour these past few months and have become increasingly unimpressed with their tactics. Yes it’s getting people talking but no I don’t believe that all press is good press. At their core I believe with some of their sentiments: the food  / cheffing industry IS sponsored to the hilt and this IS erasing the line between having faith in the product you represent and having love for the money in your pocket ($750 for a tweet about Kangaroo Island Mr Moran? enough said). Despite agreeing with their sentiment I’m unconvinced about the execution of the campaign, and as a blogger who looses money through her blog (over-eating is an expensive habit!) I feel undeservedly tarred by this broad-stroked campaign.

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Moo Grourmet Burgers

Gourmet burger Newtown

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14 Responses to “Moove over grill’d, there’s new burger royalty in town: Moo Burgers Newtown”

  1. Hot good were their chips! I could do with some right now. Was lovely to meet you!

  2. what a great post Oni! Love the way you write :0)

  3. ChopinandMysaucepan Reply April 25, 2012 at 3:50 pm

    Dear Oni,

    This is a great review and I have been mulling over what I missed as I was in the Blue Mountains last weekend.

    The burgers look awesome and I share your sentiments about the recent ad campaign by Grill’d burgers. They may be spot on about what’s happening and have good product but stuff that kind of shit ass attitude, I’ll head to Moo Burgers any day.

  4. Well said, great post! Look forward to meeting you again soon! :D

  5. What a great post. My mouth is watering, when are you taking me there? Photos are great, good job xx

  6. It was great to meet you on Sunday – glad you had as fun a day as I did!

    And ITA with your comments about Grill’d. Although I wouldn’t necessarily classify myself as the full-fledged “foodie” that their campaign is specifically attacking, I definitely don’t feel that I would be welcome to dine there ever again…

  7. It was great to meet the face behind Forkit. What a fun filled lunch. I liked your idea of adding ‘rant’ to the bottom of the post- well said!

  8. i am so thrilled by your photos! gorgeous!

  9. Love the duck burger here!

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